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And the Hits Keep on Coming

I started working on my next novel again.  Its been since just before ConClave that I was able to put forth any effort into the beast.  ConClave was so inspiring and so energizing, I thought I’d have spun the nights finishing the book by now.  Instead, I allowed life to get in the way once again.

Alas, the worm kept on itching, and I finally pushed life aside to submit a few more works to editors, to plug away a few more hours at the novel.  The “ne’er do spirit” began to come back and then BAM! two more rejection letters show up.  I’m used to them now, they don’t bother me like they once did.  Still, they can take the wind out of the sails of a ship during hurricane.

ConFusion is coming up though.  Just a few days over a month away and I’ll hopefully get that second wind of inspiration.  There are going to be a lot of part-time professional authors there too like Jim C Hines, Stewart Sternberg, and Christine Purcell.  These are people who have found that balance and are still working toward their dream.

What better inspiration can there be then that?


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