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This ConFusion has not yet been rated

The countdown to this weekend’s festivities has begun.  In my own distant way, I’m actually excited about this weekend.  Once I got past the disappointment of the lack of a writer’s workshop, my mind latched on to the hopeful aspects of all the panels that discuss my craft.  I am actually looking forward to reconnecting with the mentors I’ve met at other cons, who I hope will remember me and the talent they say I have.

This weekend, my wife will be attending alongside me.  Another reason to look forward to everything.  The few cons I’ve attended in the past, found me to be a stranger in a familiar land; every face was new or vaguely recognized from the year before.  But this time, I get to share the experience with someone I care about and can continue talking to about long after the weekend has past.

Writing is a very solitary labor.  Hours are toiled away where the only company are the characters on the page.  Sometimes these characters even invade my thoughts when I am elsewhere, but the story desires to be told and so it boils in my head distracting me from all else.  Then I wonder off to these conventions and sit alone in the first or second row, I listen and digest, I rest in my room between activities and fight the characters that are so inspired they distract me from the next panel, then I go forth alone; I enjoy the weekend as a satellite observer, because by my nature that is what I am.

This weekend though, at this ConFusion I will be accompanied by someone who knows when to leave me and when to prod me to reach out.  I will experience this con not just through my eyes, but also through the eyes of my spouse.

I feel this will be very interesting indeed.


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  1. I remember you! I hope you’ll come say hello. I’d love to meet your wife.

    January 17, 2011 at 7:13 pm

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