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Coming home after ConFusion

The weekend was a blast.   Thank you to Christine Purcell and Charles Zaglanis of Elder Signs Press for their hospitality.  The book launch of Lois Gresh’s Blood and Ice was fun and flavorful–I was blessed with the opportunity to enjoy Bacon Fudge.   The panels hosted by Christine and Charles was both informing and entertaining.  Then of course, Mr. Jim C Hines was as funny as you would expect the creator of Jig to be.   The panel on Dialog that he moderated still makes me laugh to think about it. 

I also reconnected with some past acquaintances from previous writer’s workshops, which was especially nice.  Hopefully, I made some new contacts amongst the wonderful people there.    Stewart Sternburg’s  reading from his first book, The Ravening made me even more interested in the story. 

All in all, in spite of there being no writer’s workshop the whole weekend still afforded me many opportunities to expand my knowledge of the craft.  There were so many authors there I never met them all officially.  Still, the ones I did meet shared so much of their struggles and triumphs that I now know there is nothing else I would rather do with my life.  Genre fans are the best, the genre community is as flawed as any community, but still warmer and more inviting than any community I’ve come across outside of my church.  I want to grow in my craft and learn to produce a work that touches people and entertains them as much as I saw people touched and entertained by what is out there now.


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