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Storm of the Minute

It’s funny for me to think , that when I was a kid I looked toward snow days from school as a chance to play and frolic in a winter wonderland.  Then as an adult, I learned to lament snow days as a lost opportunity to earn money and meet my budget.

Now, as the big storm bears down upon us, schools announce closing before first flake even falls and work talks about the possibility of shutting down.  No longer in shape for frolicking in the snow and having no concern for lost income since I earn commission anyway, I look forward to spending time with my family and more importantly writing.

Yes, if I’m to be buried to my door in snow drifts and ill weather unable to follow my normal routine, then I’m going to make the most of it.  It might not be for the whole day, but at least during parts of the day, I will pluck away at the keyboard.  In the quiet of a blizzard many characters come out to play.

A little over ten years ago, a huge storm snowed me in on New Years Eve.  That night and the following day, I made great headway on the book I was writing.  I think even a short story revealed itself then. Unlike now, I lived alone and had no distractions from my craft. Alas, I cannot allow this opportunity to pass.

Work used to be a good place to pluck away at a story until the environment changed and I’m interrupted far too often to follow a train of thought.  The days of hanging out at the mall food court or in some restaurant hogging a table a plug for my laptop ended when I entered into a relationship.  So chances to write in the day are rare to say the least.

Tomorrow will be  a wonderful and refreshing change to say the least.


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