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Life is a Busy Proposition

As the days unwind, I find that some goals are harder to keep than others. After seeing how far behind on my writing I’ve fallen, I vowed to work at least an half-hour a night on my writing. This was wonderful for about two or three weeks. Some days, I worked directly on my short stories or the new novel, while other times, I whiled away an hour or so at work on editing for my Writer’s Group.

Needless to say, eventually something happened here and there, so I skip this night, then that night, and now every night of working on my writing. My wife tries to be encouraging and usually urges me to get on the writing as she heads to bed. (I usually stay up at least an hour later than her) At times, she does forget to urge me and I forget to urge myself.

Like most artists, I suffer from lack of urgency and often the lack of inspiration that drives one to the keyboard to write. Sometimes, it’s the self-doubt that what I do is even worth the effort. Lately, I’ve been beating the latter excuse, but still succumbing to the former. Back when I made my vow to write every night my sense of urgency had been re-invigorated by the success  of those around me. For the first time in my life, I rubbed elbows with established and productive writers. Now, I still rub elbows on occasion. And the bi-weekly meetings I have with the group still keeps me inspired. But my own lethargy is still there.

So many things need be taken care of during the day, that at day’s end I often just want to sit and not be responsible for anymore things. I want to sit and vegetate. Sitting there is stagnation though. Stagnation is death. So in essence, if I don’t get my butt in gear and return to working on my book and my stories, then my writing career that I long for is DEAD.

Just the thought disturbs me to my core. My schedule is clearing up soon. Many of the extra responsibilities that have been hampering my efforts and draining me of energy are soon to be completed. The extra time I’ve given these requirements I want to redirect to my writing. The times I’ve had to get a babysitter to do these things, I now think I will get a babysitter so that I can write.

An added goal for me this year, is to sell one or more written works by the end of the year. My craft is honed and being honed more through my Writer’s Group. There are no more excuses for me to not yet be published, except my lack of effort.


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