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My latest myth

The Story of the Salt God

In the days of creation, when the first life was granted unto the land, oceans, and sky the Gods were petty and argued over little things. When the Gods first gathered to witness and discuss all the things they had created and what those creations had spawned, the Land and Ocean God looked upon the Salt God with disdain. The Salt God had created a mineral so valuable that all the little creatures of the land fought over it. Also, the Land and Ocean God’s youngest sibling, the Rain God, looked very fondly on the Salt God. The two went everywhere together and it was only the rains of the Rain God that managed to wash away the white mineral created by the Salt God. Soon the Land and Ocean God became wroth and wished to punish the Salt God for shining so bright and being so powerful. The Land and Ocean God convinced the other gods to help them trick the Rain God. Several gods told the Rain God that the Salt God secretly wished to poison rain with the salt of the land, to take away the power of the Rain God to pour water over the land and ocean and instead pour salt across the world. This infuriated the Rain God who stormed away to the south and thus rains left the lands and from that day only shower upon the ocean. When the Salt God discovered the absence of the Rain God sadness consumed them. When the treachery of the Land and Ocean God was discovered, the Salt God raged against the ocean and pulled all of the salt from the land and poured it into the ocean, poisoning the waters. The Salt God disappeared to never be seen again.

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